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"u have to type the master password before starting and send the 

password in bot private to grant u as master"

1-make one id in room for hunt section and type room setting 
2- make at last 3 admins id for punisher section , use single to login 

them one bye one or use lvl4fi4 style and but ids in box above the 'add

 range...' button and hit button to login range of id 

3- send master password (u set in room setting) in pvt of hunter id in 

room to grant u master and use commands and bot option to manage and 

have great administration!
4-hunter id in room must be admin or Owner to handle adminstration 

commands (kick, ban,...)
5- if you want use DataBase you have to install MicroSoft Office 2007 

or Database Engine from blow Address:


nimbuzz own room commands
multi hunterid
database to save bot setting, chat history, greating list and master 

dead id for make room full
Ban-IP (if hunter id in room admin or owner)
user search utility
auto detect floods and start auto ban and stop it after flooding stop
detect fake symbian user
detect user with high speed sending message in room + option
detect spy bots and 3rd uninvited bot in room
detect user send long message + option
greating message list
stop greating msg on flood
using queue for punisher section to make admins id cool down (avoid 

block on hot jobs)
user full profile utility
user avatar utility
user stat utility
full remote bot
and more censore for managing/analyzing all featurs

thank u for using lvl4fi4 bot

if u like this tool share ur idea, feadback and ur experience with 

lvl4f!4 bot or send email on and also any bug 

lvl4fi4 bot (punisher)
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